Monday, 27 June 2011

Toddler Harnesses

My babies aren't babies anymore, but it doesn't feel like that long ago that I was having the discussion "to use a harness or not use a harness"! Gone are the days when you only have one choice and that choice somewhat resembles a lead!

All children are unique and while some may be perfectly content to stand by mums side and never leave, there are also those that never stop and aren't happy unless they are running!

The Goldbug Harness Buddies are the perfect addition for such Toddlers. Featuring a plush backpack in a number of animal designs they come with a lead that can be easily removed without taking the backpack off. They are functional and gorgeous at the same time ensuring your child will have their new faithful friend on their back and looking after them! They are equally popular with both mums and kiddies and with the removable strap, allows you the versatility of using the backpack as a harness or simply a backpack!

Available at all Treehouse Stores for $34.95 in a variety of designs.

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