Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Giimmo Light Customer Review

We were thrilled to be chosen to review the Giimmo night light for Treehouse Child. Cameron, four, has always slept with a night light but we were in the market for a new one as he had outgrown the 'baby'ish theme of his current light.

We headed to the post office to pick up the Giimmo after I collected Mr 4 from pre-school one afternoon and he could barely wait to get back to the car before he tore open the post pack (what kid -or adult- doesn't love getting a parcel?!). Natalie from Treehouse had wrapped it so beautifully, but no amount of ribbon or paper was going to stand in Cameron's way! As he got the last of the paper off I heard a gasp from the back seat, "It's my dinosaur light, Mummy! I love it!!". We had received Stego Jr -the Stegosaurus! Perfect for any dinosaur-loving four year old (well chosen Natalie!). Before asking me what the dinosaurs name was however, Cameron told me he was going to call him Rex. Perhaps not the name on the box, but an appropriate dinosaur name however, so I rolled with it.

We arrived home and Cameron raced inside and upstairs to his room to get "Rex" (Stego Jr) out of it's box. He was VERY eager to see it in all of it's rainbow-light glory, but we followed the instructions and gave the Giimmo an 18hr overnight charge before it's first use.
By 10am the next morning "Rex" was ready and fully charged. I placed it in Cameron's room, in the same spot where his old night light used to sit, ready for bedtime that night.

I noticed that afternoon as I sat playing upstairs with Miss 1, that I hadn't heard anything from Cameron for a while. As any mother would tell you, quiet from a child is always something to be weary of! We wandered downstairs to find him happily playing on his bedroom floor. "I'm playing dinosaurs, with Rex!" he grinned as he told me, the Giimmo bopping along the floor in front of him.
Eloise's eyes lit up upon seeing the irresistibly cute Giimmo and she raced over to snatch it from her brother. Thankfully he was happy to let her have a play with his new toy/night light and giggled as she cradled it and called it her "bubba".

That night as Cameron went to bed, we sat and watched in anticipation as we turned the Giimmo on for the first time. I have to admit, before seeing it I was worried it might be a bit like a bad disco with a rainbow strobe! Thankfully it was nothing like that bad disco image and in fact was very relaxing to watch as it slowly went through all the colours of the rainbow with it's soft light. I tucked Cameron in and said goodnight, but as I walked out I noticed that he had quickly grabbed "Rex" and smuggled him into bed beside him.

The Giimmo light isn't hot to touch, so perfectly safe for bedtime sleep-overs. It can also be set to either plain 'on' or touch-light mode, a feature that Cameron for one finds very amusing (on-off-on-off!). I leave the Giimmo on all night, in case Mr 4 wakes to go to the toilet.  The Giimmo is perfectly portable too so actually goes with him! It does need a charge each morning if left on overnight, but it's so simple that Cameron now plugs it in himself to charge each morning when he wakes up.

I would highly recommend the Giimmo light, it's the perfect pairing of cute aesthetics and practicality. The only problem I am having with it is deciding which cute critter to get for my daughter's room!

Annika Giles
Treehouse Customer



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