Monday, 7 May 2012

Mothers Day Craft Ideas for the Kiddies!

Mothers Day is this Sunday and we thought we would show off some of our favourite ideas we have found in our searching this week! Whether you are after ideas for grandparents, your own mum, school mothers day stalls or just a chance to drop hints to the hubby, we are sure you will find something you love! Keep checking in, we will be adding things as we find more!

1. Scribble Art

Not sure what to do with the mountains of drawings and paintings that your little one does that you can't bear to part with! Why not turn it into gorgeous Toddler Artwork for your wall! Visit Squash Blossom Babies for full details

2. Bake a Beautiful Mothers Day CakeWhat better way to show Mum how much you care, than with a Mothers Day Cake! We love this one from I am Baker!

3. Child SillhouettesI came across a Blog on Child Sillhouettes this week and had a rush of memories of making these for my mum when I was a youngster. Although back then we sat in the classroom in front of the overhead projector while our teacher traced around our shadow, visit A day in my life for more high tech instructions!

4. Bath Salts & Oils

Why not let Mum luxuriate in this gorgeous home made Bath Oils and Salts. You could team it with a voucher given her some dedicated time to use it! Visit Martha Stewart for all the details.

5. Personalise your Gift with a Handmade Card

I think it's the personal touches that make a gift special. So why not make Mum a handmade card to show her you care. These puzzle cards from Martha Stewart look beautiful and are so easy to make!

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