Thursday, 9 February 2012

Personalised Wall Stickers

So, the nursery is painted, the cot is made up and the baby will be here any day now. Have you considered personalising your little one's room? Our gorgeous new customised wall stickers add a new dimension to bedrooms. Available in 19 different colours and 6 different designs, they are completely removable.
Designed and made in the UK, our wall stickers are simple and easy to use. Start by ensuring your wall is clean and dust free. Mark out where you want the stickers to sit and then simply peel and stick.

When choosing what you want your stickers to say, be creative. Adding your child's name to their room is the obvious choice, but consider all the other possibilities. A phrase or quote from your favourite book or poem. Perhaps a nick name? Consider where you will be positioning the stickers and how it will fit in with the layout and decor of the existing room. If it is a new or redecorated room, perhaps consider using our letters as a focus point and then decorating around them.

Whatever you decide, our customised wall stickers will be sure to look fabulous. Let us know below how you have personalised your own child's room or what creative combinations you have come up with.


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